Bushcraft & Survival

Here you will find some bushcraft techniques and survival techniques

Kayak wild camp down the river

My recorded event of a trip down the river to my favorite spot to wild camp. I started my trip from the heart of Durham center down the river wear for several mile in my “Sevylor fish hunter 1”. I found my favorite spot where i set camp up and started a camp fire. Rabbit was on the menu over a fire for this night . I also made some traditional bannock bread on the fire.

Starting A Fire Without A Lighter

Firecraft is the art of making fire. Those of us who are serious about basic survival skills know how important the ability to create fire is. Fire is useful in all survival scenarios and can be a life-saver in many of them.

Fire gives us 3 critical survival elements:




Hypothermia can occur at low temperatures, especially in soaked clothing. Heat from a fire can keep us from dying of hypothermia. It warms our bodies and dries wet clothes. Heat is also essential to kill parasites and bacteria in raw meat. Light from a fire can be used for signaling at night, as can the smoke from a fire during the day. The light from a fire illuminates the dark which helps keep wild animals at bay. Smoke from a fire can also be used to smoke raw meats, an ancient method of food preservation. Smoke also can help protect you from of the biggest killer of them all, the mosquito.